Architectural Record

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Architectural Record

Since 2001, our projects have been published within Architectural Record as showcases of award-winning design.

Sunrise Mountain Public Library  |  "Sunrise Mountain Library", Architectural Record, March 2011, p. 68-73

Arabian Public Library  |  "Arabian Public Library", Architectural Record, June 2008, p. 96-101

University of Arizona Meinel Optical Sciences Building  |  "Meinel Optical Sciences Expansion", Architectural Record, May 2007, p. 202-208

Arizona State University Interdisciplinary Science Technology Building 2  |  "Arizona State Science and Technology Building", Architectural Record, July 2006, p. 134-137

Quincie Douglas Public Library  |  "Quincie Douglas Library", Architectural Record, May 2006, p. 152-157

Desert Broom Public Library  |  "Desert Broom Library", Architectural Record, January 2006, p. 96-101

James Richärd  + Steve Kennedy |  Architectural Record, December 2001, p. 70-73